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If for any reason you must cancel or reschedule this class,
please contact us 24 hours before in order to receive a refund.

If you need to reschedule a class, please contact us 24 hours before your class time.

(818) 399-0300



registration and class enrollment

Class enrollment fees are payable at time of registration.  For your covenience, payments can be made with Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Please fill in your name EXACTLY as it needs to be printed on your certification card.  This information must be exact.

Any errors in the information given and subsequently printed on your Certification Card, i.e. your name, name of the class and the date of successful completion of your class, will be reissued correctly and a $10 fee will be charged.


For the American Heart Association classes, students must have the Current AHA Workbook in the classroom. 
This is required by the AHA.  It can be purchased from these distributors:

Channing Bete Co.

Laerdal Medical Corp.

Worldpoint Ecc. Inc.

Class size is restricted in order that the instructor can provide enough individual attention to each student to ensure that they understand and are comfortable with all aspects of the material presented and feel ready for the tests, both written and the physical skills portion.

  • No cell phones, cameras or other electronics are allowed in the classroom.

  • No children allowed in class. Space is limited.

  • No food allowed in class.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of class.  Out of consideration to others in the class, and the structure of the agenda, it would not be appropriate to accommodate late arrivals.  Arriving 15 minutes after the start of the instructional part of the class would be considered a no-show.

A student no-show will result in the forfeiture of the registration fee. 

In the event of an extreme emergency or personal illness and you can not attend class, please notify the instructor ASAP.


Phone or text me at (818) 399-0300

To withdraw from the scheduled class, please notify us 24 hours prior to the class in order to receive a refund.  


In the event that  CPR LIFE SAVER EMERGENCY TRAINING  must cancel a scheduled class, students who have paid for the class will be given priority in rescheduling for another date, or if they choose, may receive a full refund.


All manikins and equipment used for training are properly cleaned and sanitized per American Heart Association standards after each course use.  Proper sanitizing includes replacement of manikin lungs, use of antibacterial wipes to clean all exterior parts of the manikin, including BVMs and any parts that were used during the course.  One Way valves are one time use for each student and are properly disposed of upon class completion and replaced with brand new ones.  


Our goal is to provide a clean environment for our students.


CPR Life Saver Emergency Training  does not share the private information of our students to any third party for any reason without expressed authorization by the students or clients.

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